The Ultimate Pet Channel

Dieren Nieuws brings you the ultimate pet channel you could ever wish for. Brace yourself as we present you different breed of dogs and cats that will complete your day. For all dog and cat owners, get ready to take pet ownership to the next level. Dieren Nieuws features dog and cat competitions around the world. Our programs and shows are not only entertaining, but they also teach us valuable lessons on how we should treat our pet babies. Let’s face it, owning a pet is not always a walk in the park. There are those awful moments that make us question ourselves whether we are fit to take care of these marvellous creatures. Dieren Nieuws will bring you back on track.

Experts Advice on Pet Ownership

In times of chaos, what you need is the experts’ advice on pet ownership. Dieren Nieuws has partnered with veterinarians, trainers, and coaches in creating useful resources that could make pet ownership blissful. Pet owners can save money on electronics and a trip to the vet by just simply following the advice provided by us. Whether you are dealing with behavioural issues, potty training, and what food to eat, Dieren Nieuws got you covered. Dieren Nieuws gathers a checklist of what’s good and bad for your pet as bad and harmful pet products are everywhere. Don’t hesitate about giving your pet high-end products as you can shop online using discounts with our partners. They provide high-quality pet products that ensure the health of your dogs and cats.

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Be Well Informed, Be Entertained

As promised, we will be conservative in choosing programs and shows to feature. Not only they are entertaining, but they are also informative. Dieren Nieuws touches on holistic approaches to take care of your pet. From grooming to play, Dieren Nieuws has collected them all for you.

Missed a Show, No Problem

We are a web-based news channel dedicated to your lovely furry friends. Even if you missed a show, feel free to browse them on our website. Our website visitors can watch the shows at a convenient time. Our subscribers can also benefit our all-day access to paid shows and programs through our easy registration process.

Connect with Thousands of Pet Owners

It’s time to meet pet owners like you in your area. Instead of walking your dog alone, why not join other members? Dieren Nieuws created an online-based community for pet owners to convert pet ownership into a social activity. Learn from one another, and let your furry friends discover friends too.

Join and Get Some Joyous Wagging

Get voucher codes upon sign up. Join us and bring back the joy of pet ownership into your life. We have exciting coupon codes on products waiting for the first 100 new members.


Ashley van Dongen

When I was 7 years old, I rescued a kitten. I begged my parents to let me adopt her, they gave in after finding out that I was hiding her in my room for weeks. It was the first time I understood the idea of selfless love. I may be old, but I can't still resist the cuteness of these adorable beings.