Dealing with Dog Separation Anxiety


Humans can develop separation anxiety, and so our pets. Dogs are not well resilient to being left alone at home unlike how cats manage it. Their chances of developing separation anxiety are relatively high.

Introduce a Routine

If you don’t have the resources to send your dog to a pet hotel (needless to mention, they are expensive), introducing a routine may help. Dogs are smart animals, they could be trained to have a routine. When you are leaving for work, show your dog that you are packing your things. Pat him or her on the head, and tell him to be a “good boy”. Briefly walk out and don’t show signs of remorse. Your dog can pick up these cues which makes it hard for the introduction of the routine.

Keep the TV On and Play Dog Programs

Dogs could get used to the presence of a human at home. It creates panic in him if there’s too much silence when he is alone. According to experts, leaving the TV on and playing programs designed to entertain dogs can help. Sign up using I Amsterdam card on pet tv channels. Leave the TV on, and see how your dog responds to it.


A Tired Dog Is a Happy Dog

If your pet breed is on the active side, you will need to take some time to play with them. Your goal is for them to release their excessive energy. So, every morning before you go to Amsterdam city pass, play catch and fetch with your dog. Make sure your dog will go long distances. Exercise is an important aspect of their well-being. Besides, leaving a dog who has excessive energy will more likely become anxious and stressed out when you leave.

Give Them Puzzle Toys

Toys somehow lessen their curiosity to scratch the sofa, bite on your shoes, and other annoying things that dogs do. Give them puzzle toys before you leave such as the snuffle mat. It will keep your dog entertained as he tries to find the hidden treats in the mat. Check out puzzle toys with a discount in your local pet shop or online.

5 thoughts on “Dealing with Dog Separation Anxiety”

  1. Eddie says:

    It helped when I adopted another dog. The downside is my house is always messy when I come home from work.

  2. Oscar says:

    The struggle is real when they do all those begging cues.

  3. Michelle says:

    Puzzle toys work in wonders for a short time. They will eventually get tired of them.

  4. Liza says:

    Separation anxiety usually occurs when a dog is very much attached to it’s human handler. This is most common to animals that have become so dependent to their humans.

  5. Joe says:

    The best way to deal with separation anxiety is to train your pet to be more independent and sociable.

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