Symptoms of Stress in Dogs and What Causes Them

Like humans, dogs are emotional beings. They sense changes in their environment and go through the phase of adaptation. Stress-related symptoms affect their behavior and habits in the long run.

stressed dog

Stress-Related Symptoms:

1. A sudden decrease in appetite

A decrease in appetite is one of the common symptom of stress in dogs. They lose interest in food which results in weight loss and lethargy.

2. Barking for no reason and unexpected aggression

When your dog is not normally a barker then suddenly turns to one, it could be unexpected aggression caused by stress. This aggression makes it hard for us to discipline them and know what to do in Amsterdam. No matter how annoying the situation is, don’t respond with violence. It’s just going to make things worst.

3. Sleeping more often

Dogs have sleeping patterns, but when sleeping time becomes excessive, it is a sign of depression.

What Causes Stress to Dogs?

stressed dogStress can be triggered by any change. For example, a new home, a new pet, or an unfamiliar human in the house. Other triggers are loud noises, lack of exercise, and change in the routine. Sometimes, dog owners cause stress in their pets. When we are anxious, we create this negative energy and dogs are sensitive to this kind of energy.

What can you do?

Helping your dog to overcome stress is difficult. If only we could talk to them, it would be easier. The best way to help your dog is to spend time with him. Bring the fun back into his routine. For the changes in the environment, slowly introduce your dog to these changes. Provide him with a safe zone where he can be comfortable. Stop the scheduled trips to boat rental Amsterdam if you must. We want him to adapt to the changes in his surroundings first before we introduce a new one.

If you think that the symptoms are beyond stress, don’t delay going to the veterinarian. Stress-related symptoms could also be a sign of disease.